Westend Academy have appealed to the community for their vote in the ‘Your Community, Your Choice’ awards, which will help launch a new youth club in Bangor.

The special fund helps communities in North Wales fight crime by engaging with young people and has been set up using money seized from criminals.

A total of £40,000 will be up for grabs – with £2,500 apiece for two groups in each county and £5,000 apiece for two groups that operate across North Wales.

Hwb Westend Hub wants to be able to work with and support young people and develop their skills, giving them an insight into making their futures safe and secure, as well as being enjoyable and fulfilled.

The project aims to teach children skills that will benefit them not only in childhood but for their future too, by giving them a listening ear and helping them to learn about respecting each and building their confidence.

The group aims to give children in Bangor a safe place to enjoy and learn skills from different businesses and groups, learning about CV’s, gaining certificates in first aid and much more. Parents will have peace of mind that their children are somewhere safe, having fun and learning something new at the same time.

Working with Bangor University and the police, the group aim to help the children enjoy safer neighbourhoods to live and play in, by understanding about behaviour, decisions and consequences, as well as learning about respecting and helping other people, no matter what their age. Educating young people about ‘Country Lines’ and how not to become a victim is also a priority.

The youth club will be for 6-11 years old and 11-17 years old and your vote will help get the new Westend Hub off the ground.

Applicant: Westend Hub
Title: Youth Club
Area: Gwynedd
Amount Requested: £2,500.00

Voting is open until 15th March 2019 for people across North Wales to choose which local community group they want to support – A maximum of four votes per household/ISP will be accepted in order to prevent multiple voting.

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Choose: Gwynedd then Westend Hub