Bangor University students joined 2018’s latest craze this week by ‘PLOGGING!’ – A fitness trend where runners pick up litter while jogging. Armed with gloves, litter pickers and bin bags, the group jogged around Bangor filling refuse sacks with plastic bottles, cigarette butts and takeaway packaging and any other rubbish they could find, cleaning up Bangor’s streets.

The combination of picking up litter as you jog – hence the term ’Plog’ – took off in the Sweden in 2016 following increased awareness of plastic pollution. While the idea of combining your daily jog with a spring clean of your running route might seem like an arduous task, the movement has seen a surge in popularity in the UK.

In return for your efforts you’ll not only be rewarded with a sense of satisfaction that you’re helping the environment and local community but you’ll also have a good workout for both your legs and your core, thanks to the jogging, bending and stretching while picking up litter.

Ffion Haf Jones, from Bangor University, who took part in the event explained: “The event came about as a competition between Keele Students’ Union and Undeb Bangor, Bangor University’s Students Union. Our Opportunities Coordinator Gareth Williams led the event and 7 individuals combined jogging and litter picking.

“Not only was today’s ‘PLOGGING’ fun but we did some good for the community and environment as well! We managed to collect 11 bags of rubbish in just 1 hour with only 7 people. Imagine what we could do with more time and more people!

“We hope to repeat the event again and hope to get many more students involved. This is a really fun way to combine a bit of fitness with looking out for the community and doing our bit for the environment. If anyone is interested in any future events that we have, they should e-mail