Specially knitted teddies have been donated to North Wales Police to comfort children during traumatic experiences.


Members of the Amlwch Charity Crafters group have delivered a number of knitted teddy bears to the local policing team to be presented to children in need of comfort – when they have suffered a traumatic experience such as being involved in a car crash, or been a victim or witness of crime.

45 teddies have also been donated to Bangor Police Station by Mrs Jean Healy of Y Felinheli who delivered them to the local policing team along with her granddaughter, Katie.

Chief Inspector Essi Ahari said: “Sadly during the course of our shifts we regularly attend incidents where children are having a difficult time – be it where they’ve been involved in a road traffic collision, witnessed a family argument or had a loved one going missing.

“We do our best to build relationships with young people at incidents, however something like a teddy bear can be useful in distracting them from what is going on around them. Our aim is to encourage positive interaction with children, assisting them during difficult times, or just help them to realise that police officers are not people to be scared of, but that they are there to help them.

He added: “Groups of this kind are vital to our communities. We know that these teddies have already provided comfort to children, and on behalf of North Wales Police I would like to thank them all for their generosity and kindness.”

Sally Hulse of Amlwch Charity Crafters said: “We meet every Tuesday night and were recently donated lots of wool. So when we got together to discuss what we could create for those in need somebody suggested knitting teddy bears.

“Our local PCSO, Iona Beckmann visited the group and was thrilled when we told her what we were planning. She has since told us that some teddies have already been handed out so we have only been too happy to help create some more.”

Photos: North Wales Police