Fundraising for #TeamIrfon, which directly supports local people undergoing treatment for cancer, has reached £200,000.


Launched in 2014 by Child & Adolescence Mental Health Services Nurse Manager, Irfon Williams, after starting treatment on the Alaw Cancer Unit in Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor, Irfon decided to start a campaign to raise money for wigs for others receiving chemotherapy on the unit.

As Irfon’s treatment progressed, so too did his resolve to help other families affected by cancer. His campaign gathered momentum, touching the hearts of people in local communities and much further afield.

The money raised through #TeamIrfon has paid for wigs and headwear, complementary therapies like reflexology and therapeutic massage, and new equipment. It will also help to fund part of a redevelopment of the Alaw Unit, including building a £14,000 dedicated counselling room.

The fundraising has also allowed staff to receive specialist training enabling them to identify mental health difficulties in cancer patients, something Irfon and his wife Becky, a psychiatric nurse, felt is of paramount importance.

Just before he died from bowel cancer in 2017, Irfon and his many supporters had raised over £150,000 with the specific aim of providing improved services and facilities to help preserve people’s mental health as they face a cancer diagnosis or a loss of a family member.

Irfon’s legacy lives on, and his wife Becky now oversees #TeamIrfon alongside Manon, a Matron from cancer services. Together Becky and Manon, working closely with NHS staff and committed volunteers and supporters of all ages, are ensuring that donations given to #TeamIrfon continue to help local people in the way that Irfon always wished them to be and that local people can go on enjoying community focussed fundraising events and activities which promote fun, laughter and team spirit – exactly as Irfon always intended.

Becky said: “With your amazing support and generosity #Teamirfon has reached £200k!

“We want to say a huge thank you and well done to all those who have given their time and energy to support #Teamirfon.

“Irfon would be amazed that his wish to raise £5k has been well and truly smashed.”