It’s LGBTQ+ History month and Bangor will be hosting its the very first Bangor Pride! The day event will take place at the University Main Arts Campus from 12:00-4:00pm on Sunday 24th of February and everyone in the local community is invited to attend.

The event will include live music performances, poetry readings, comedy, workshops and a variety of stalls so there is something for everyone. The day event is alcohol free and suitable for all ages and families to attend.

And after the day event there will be the chance to continue the Pride atmosphere with an after party starting at the White Lion Pub (289 High Street, Bangor LL57 1UL) at 8pm, which everyone is invited to attend.

Bangor Pride organiser Owen J Hurcum said: “As much as we want the first Bangor Pride to be a space for celebration, Pride events are still political. The LGBTQ+ community still faces prejudice both in terms of the law and in terms of bigotry the world over.

“The hostility our community faced as recently as the Gender Recognition Act consultation show still how toxic some people’s ideas are towards us and events like this are important to show that these are the minority ideas and that society is moving forwards.

“By coming to Bangor Pride you can help to show people that our City, our area, does not stand for bigotry but rather the love and respect for all members of the community, including LGBTQ+ people.

“I would like to also take this chance to thank the people of Bangor, it is because of this city, the people of the city and it’s University, that I have had the confidence to live freely as the person I am – without doubt it has been the biggest help in my personal journey and I know I talk for a lot of members of our community when I say I look forward to celebrating that LGBTQ+ identity with you all at the first Bangor Pride!”

A spokesperson from Undeb Bangor Students’ Union, who helped organise the event said: “Undeb Bangor has always supported any and all student-led movements dedicated to improving the lives and experience of our students. Liberation movements such as the LGBT+ History month and the Bangor Pride event are no exception.

“No student deserves to be stigmatised for their identity, and the LGBTQ+ community in particular has fought hard from the beginning against persecution not just towards themselves but towards others as well. This is a history and a current reality we want more people to be aware of and to appreciate.

“We are therefore deeply proud to have been given the opportunity to support our LGBQT+ students in organising Bangor’s very first student-led Pride event and look forward to a groundbreaking event and closer collaboration in organising both LGBTQ+ History month and Bangor Pride events in future.”

Owen added: “I’d also like to thank the LGBT+ society within Bangor University who not only have been fantastic in helping to organize this event but who also aim to provide a safe environment and support for all folks who identify as LGBTQ+ around the clock.

“They are a committee of dedicated LGBTQ+ reps who are trained to help with any gender and/or sexuality related issues. They hold weekly coffee afternoons and regular movie nights for folks to help them settle into Uni, find new friends, or just have a chat. They are here to welcome everyone with open arms and a friendly face. Their social media accounts are regularly updated to let people know of any upcoming events and locations should anyone wish to get involved.

“So, please accept our warmest invitation to what promises to be a fantastic day of celebration and solidarity, from all of the organizers – we look forward to seeing you!”

For more information about the event visit the Facebook event here: