Welsh Labour have announced that Steffie Williams Roberts from Bangor will be the parliamentary candidate for Arfon, in the forthcoming General Election.


Steffie replaces Mary Gwen Griffiths Clarke, who was the Labour candidate for Arfon in the 2017 General Election but stepped down last week, citing health issues and her wish to concentrate on her legal career.

Labour narrowly lost out to Plaid Cymru in 2017 by just 92 votes in Arfon. Plaid gained the seat in 2010 and held it in 2015, their victory in 2017 was the narrowest margin in Wales for the election.

Earlier this week Plaid Cymru announced a “Pro-EU Pact” with the Liberal Democrats, which means that candidates will stand aside for each other in 11 of the 40 seats in Wales, to increase the chances of a remain-supporting MP being elected. The Liberal Democrats are now likely to withdraw their candidate in Arfon for the General Election.

Steffie Williams Roberts, Welsh Labour parliamentary candidate for Arfon said: “It’s an honour to be selected by local Labour members as their candidate to stand up for Arfon in Parliament.

“I’m a local, welsh speaking mum, who has seen the hurt the Tories have caused. I am determined to use these next few weeks to hold them to account.

“They have divided our country, starved our services of money and pushed working people to food banks. We should all be outraged by the damage they have done.

“Labour offers the real change that people are crying out for: decent pay, new green jobs, an end to cuts and more money coming to Wales to spend on local services. I’m looking forward to taking that message to voters across Arfon.

“Plaid have done a deal to try and block Labour in Arfon with the same Lib Dems that forced austerity and cuts on our communities. I’m the only candidate in this election standing for an anti-Tory party that is able to win enough seats to get them out.”