North Wales Police have issued a fresh warning to motorists who continue to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

Last week, police confirmed they had arrested 30 people in 28 days for drink / drug driving in the Bangor area.

Despite a warning that they will continue their campaign to keep our roads safe, seven people have been arrested in the last seven days in Bangor, and in the same period, a total of 75 people have been caught across the force area.

District Inspector Jon Aspinall said: “As I’ve said previously, I would urge people to think very carefully before they get in a vehicle under the influence of drink or drugs, the consequences of which can be devastating for the individual or others.

“These consequences are often significant and can affect lives of innocent people significantly. We will continue to prosecute all those who choose to endanger themselves and others by their selfish actions and poor choices.”

If you have any information that can help us keep your community safe, please contact North Wales Police via thier Live Webchat or on 101.