Two dogs from different homes have become very poorly after walking in Brewery Fields, Bangor.

Both dogs are reported to have collapsed and appeared paralysed. One has recovered and the other appeared to recover but then relapsed and has not yet returned to full health.

The dog has had extensive tests locally and at a referral centre but no cause has yet been found.

The fields in the Eithinog area of Bangor are popular with dog walkers, and are known locally as ‘Brewery Fields’ after a small brewery was established there in 1812.

After a warning was posted on Facebook earlier today, another dog owner posted that her cocker spaniel, that’s regularly walked through brewery fields, has been ill for last 2 weeks. After taking the dog to the vets, the owner thought the dog wouldn’t survive. Thankfully the dog is now on the mend, but she added she won’t walking her dog there again.

The area was saved from development in in 2011 and is owned by the North Wales Wildlife Trust. The nature reserve comprises open fields with wet areas and wooded edges with both public rights of way and other paths. Cattle graze at the site, keeping the scrub under control.