St John’s Methodist Church, on Bangor High Street, have recently launched a community project called ‘Listening Ear Project‘ which provides an opportunity for local people to share problems and worries or who need to talk to someone.

For the last few weeks St John’s Church have distributed postcards inviting participants to anonymously ‘Post-A-Problem’ whether it be a fear, regret, betrayal, dream or confession.

The postcards we will now be on display at St. John’s Church Hall this Saturday, November 17th, High Street, Bangor 10am-4pm. Refreshments and Listening Ears available all day.

Methodist and University Chaplain Sarah McDonald-Howard, who is leading the project, explained: “All problems are sent anonymously and serve mainly to highlight the issues in our local community.

“Of course some people will find it therapeutic to write down their problems, as often acknowledging them and saying them out loud is the first step to tackling them.

“The postcards highlighted our new Listening Ear project, informing everyone who submitted a problem that if they need to talk, we will listen.

“We now have a team of volunteers who have undergone Samaritans training and will be available at every event that takes place at, or on behalf of, St. John’s.

“So whether it is a case of feeling lonely and needing a chat, to needing to talk through a specific problem, we will listen – and where necessary signpost to more specialised help.”

‘Post-A-Problem’ cards will be on display at the church to raise awareness of the ‘listening ear project’