A local business owner fears that travellers, who have set up home at Kyffin Square car park in Bangor, are driving customers away from the High Street.

Twelve caravans arrived at the car park last Friday evening, 9 November, and have occupied a large area of the car park.

The business owner said: “I have a shop on the High Street in Bangor, the travellers are in the car park behind Wetherspoons, it is causing disruption to our High Street and driving our customers away.

“They landed ‘heavy handed’ on Friday night, they were abusive towards us and we were ordered to move our cars, there are about 12 caravans in Kyffin Square car park, I haven’t seen any police presence, and the council response is the matter is being dealt with, we had this issue same time last year.

“The rubbish bins are overflowing which is an issue in general, but this matter is making that worse, I feel that we are only being fobbed off by the council.”

A spokesperson for Gwynedd Council said this morning: “We are aware of the situation and the travellers are expected to leave by the end of the day.”