Bangor University student Mared Fôn Owen has lost an incredible 2st 4.5lb while taking part in S4C’s FFIT Cymru.

After beginning the FFIT Cymru process at 22st 12lb, Mared admitted that her situation had spiralled out of control, and that she wanted to lose weight ahead of her graduation. Over half of her initial body weight was fat, and she was also diagnosed as being pre-diabetic.

Under the guidance of personal trainer Rae Carpenter, dietician Sioned Quirke and psychologist Dr Ioan Rees, Mared has been put through her paces in a bid to shed the pounds and describes her journey as “an incredible experience”.

After successfully completing a gruelling health and fitness regime over the last seven weeks Mared has now lost an astonishing 29 inches off her body size. She is no longer considered pre-diabetic, having brought her blood glucose down to 4.6, within the normal 4.0 to 5.9

Mared, 20, said: “It was incredible that you could change so much in seven weeks without really noticing it. As Sioned said in one of the last episodes, you can see what’s happening from the outside when the weight and the inches coming off. But until you’ve had the results of the tests, you don’t know what’s happening on the inside. But it’s so nice to know that something has happened and that we’ve all improved from having done the plan.“

While Mared’s aim at the beginning of the series was to look better ahead of her graduation ceremony at Bangor University on July 19, she says that her aims and ambitions are far more widespread having successfully navigated the process.

Having been told that she was pre-diabetic at the start of the series, a dramatic fall in her blood sugar level means she is no longer at risk of diabetes. During the series she was also diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, but she remained focused on her food and excercise plans throughout and pledges to continue her journey.

She added: “My attitude to how I look has totally changed. By the time I’d had the first medical tests, my reasons for doing it had totally changed. I had wanted to look good, but I didn’t really care whether I came out of it the other end looking exactly the same as long as my health had improved. I’ve had the best of both worlds so I’m really looking forward to it now.“

The five leaders lost an incredible 11 stone 10.5 lbs between them – and an amazing 125.3 inches from their bodies. Rae Carpenter said: “After the medical results at the beginning of the series, the reasons our five leaders had applied to be part of FFIT Cymru this year had changed. We revealed a risk of a stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes, high lung ages and very poor fitness levels… and more.

“Having watched our last programme, you will see that following fitness plans, eating healthily and changing mentality will have helped our five to overcome these problems. Some might even say that taking part in FFIT Cymru saved and transformed their whole lives.

“And hopefully they’ve learned from us, the three experts, what they need to do to continue on their journey and to prove that it’s good to live life.”

The finale is now available to watch, along with the rest of the series, online at and as a box set, as well as other platforms.