Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament for Arfon Hywel Williams today hosted a mass lobby of environmental organisations and campaigners in Parliament as thousands of young people descended on Westminster to demand action on the climate crisis.

Hywel Williams was joined by several of his Arfon constituents who had travelled from Bangor to take part in the ‘Time is Now’ lobby to call on the political establishment in London to stop their complacency on climate change.

Around 12,000 people from across the UK turned up to lobby their MPs, according to organisers the Climate Coalition and Greener UK, whose members include aid agencies, social groups and conservation organisations.

Speaking at the mass lobby, Hywel Williams MP said: “‘It was incredible to see so many young people in attendance at today’s Welsh Climate Lobby in Parliament, making a stand for their own futures and the future of our planet. It is young people who are inspiring change.

“Paper shuffling and empty words from Westminster and Cardiff Bay aren’t going to clean our air and protect our water. We know what needs to be done. We need to free ourselves from having to use fossil fuels and bring net emissions down to zero.

“We have to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry; and that goes for both public and private institutions. This will cost us. But simply doing nothing will cost us hugely more. Delay isn’t an option.

“Along with the support of local campaigners, today’s push for action is being supported by a broad rainbow coalition of organisations from WWF and Women’s Aid to the RSPB and Christian Aid, Oxfam and Friends of the Earth.

“These different groups realise we have a common interest – we must protect and preserve our planet from climate catastrophe. Most importantly though, today’s day of action was a chance for local people to come to Parliament and speak in person to their elected representatives.

“I’d like to thank all those who made the journey from Arfon to London today.”

Earlier this week Mr Williams asked Prime Minister Theresa May to recognise the commitment young people from Bangor have shown to the climate change crisis and who have so effectively put climate change at the heart of the political debate both locally and nationally.

Local youngsters recently took part in a protest against climate change inaction, marching through the streets and holding a rally in Bangor, where the young participants also had an opportunity to voice their views on the climate crisis.

Photo (Top) Hywel Williams MP with constituents from Arfon at today’s Welsh Climate Lobby in Westminster.