Two North Wales Police Officers found themselves as guests at an American school when they recently visited Washington DC.

PC Kerry Stamatiou, a response officer in Bangor and her husband, Detective Constable James Stamatiou who is based in St Asaph CID, visited the British International School in Washington DC to talk to some of the pupils about their work in North Wales.

DC Stamatiou’s brother, John is the Assistant Head of Primary at the British School which caters for International, American and British children. Before moving to the USA he was a primary school teacher in Greenfield, Holywell.

Both officers took some North Wales Police memorabilia over such as bi-lingual badges and uniform patches to show the pupils.

Detective Constable Stamatiou said: “As we were already in the area visiting my brother, we thought it would be nice to visit his class and have a chat with the kids about being a British Police Officer.

“It was particularly fitting because they learn about the police as part of their ‘People who help us’ curriculum.

“With the agreement of our senior officers we took some memorabilia over for which they gratefully received. We spoke to the children for about 30 minutes and answered many questions – they loved it.

“The children have since created some miniature police uniforms from the bilingual badges and bits and pieces we took them.”

Assistant Head of Primary at the British International School in Washington DC, John Stamatiou said: “Giving the children authentic learning experiences is so important to us here in Washington D.C. When we had the opportunity to meet two North Wales Officers we were delighted that they could join us, answer interesting questions and surprise the children with amazing memorabilia (including a custodial hat).

“The visit created such a buzz and Lucie Woolford, one of our Year 1 teachers, sewed ‘Heddlu’ and North Wales Police’ badges onto police costumes for the children’s role play area. It was so much fun, until the children arrested me!”

Assistant Chief Constable Neill Anderson said: “Officers visiting schools is always welcomed – even visits to those overseas. It helps create more positive relations between young people, the police and the wider community. It was fantastic to hear of the officers’ trip and we are proud that they were there to fly the flag on behalf of North Wales Police.”