Bangor’s Free Food Share celebrates its 1st Birthday today, Sunday 7 April, exactly one year since the Plaid Cymru office in Bangor began distributing supermarket surplus food every Sunday morning.

The local councillors who run the scheme collect the surplus, in date food, from local supermarkets that would otherwise go to waste and make it available to the local community on a first come first served basis.

County Councillor for Deiniol Steve Collings said: “Its been a joy to watch the project develop over the last year. A wonderful community has grown up around our regular Sunday morning shares with anywhere between 20 and 30 families benefiting every week, and there is rarely anything left over.

“We had two goals when we started the project; we wanted to ensure that less food waste goes to landfill whilst at the same time we wanted to ensure that people who might be struggling have a ‘no questions asked’ source of support available to them.

“Every Sunday there is a fantastic atmosphere of sharing and cooperation as different members of the community come to collect some for themselves as well as neighbours and relatives who might not be able to get there.”

Councillor Collings was keen to stress that there is no need for people who wish to take food to ‘prove need’ and that they are just pleased that none of it goes to waste.

Based on the strength of the current project and the growing demand across the city, the Plaid Bangor team are investing ways of expanding. One idea currently being developed in partnership with the Fair Share food charity is to open a shop distributing warehouse surplus either on a voluntary donation basis or for a small fraction of the shelf price.

The food share is open every Sunday morning at 10am til 12pm in the Bangor Plaid Office, 70 Bangor High Street.