Described as the ancestor of all alcoholic beverages, Mead, the alcoholic drink based on fermenting honey with water, is making a comeback and may soon be gracing a lot more tables. That’s the hope of business partners Mike Cooke and Jacob Milner who have set up a ‘Meadery’ based in Tregarth.

After 18 months of hard work, using only the finest ingredients and Welsh honey, the first bottles of ‘Mountain Mead – Medd Mynydd’ are now ready.

Jacob Milner explained how he turned a hobby into a business: “Me and my business partner Mike set up the company at the end of 2016. We had been making our own beer, wine and mead for years and decided we wanted to turn our hobby into a business.

“We’ve set up in my outbuilding in Tregarth, converting it into a meadery, it has taken about 18 months to set up to get all the correct licences, inspections and equipment in place before we had our first mead bottled, corked, labelled and ready for sale.

“We have experimented with various types of honey along the way, and fortunately for us, we found our local Welsh honey made the best mead. We source our raw ingredients as locally as possible and value the relationships we have with our suppliers and retailers.

“We make traditional meads fermented to an alcohol strength of 13-14% and don’t let it leave the meadery until we know it’s perfect. ”

What is mead?

Many people think Mead is a beer or perhaps a wine, and although you can make a beer or a wine that has been flavoured with honey, a traditional mead contains neither grape nor grain. It’s fermented using nothing but honey and water.

Jacob added: “Our two staple meads are traditional meads, made by fermenting honey. Melyn Yr Eithin is a dry traditional mead and Telor Y Coed is a medium sweet traditional mead. Keep an eye out for our limited edition meads which contain a range of other flavours such as fruits and spices.”

After a successful tasting session at Penrhyn Castle in Bnagor this week, the meads will be showcased at the Menai Food Festival on 4th August and are also available to buy online at