Staff and students of the School of Psychology at Bangor University took part in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Marathon & 1/2 Marathon recently.

11 final year students, along with Professor John Parkinson, Head of School, Dr Fran Garrad-Cole, Deputy Head of School and PhD Student, Rhi Willmot, ran the full marathon, with 4 students from the School’s innovative ‘Born to Run’ module competing the half marathon.

The module teaches how to set SMART goals, overcome setbacks and develop psychological resilience and Grit, and then the students apply the theories to the very real and challenging goal of running a marathon. No mean feat, especially when most of these students had not run further than 5k before the start of the module.

Students have described the module as ‘transformational’, ‘and as ‘something I will remember for the rest of my life’. One student even commented that, because of the module ‘I learnt that I am capable of anything, that it is only myself that stands in the way of me pursuing challenges and goals’.

Dr Garrad-Cole said: “It has, yet again, been an absolute privilege to teach these students over the semester and to watch them grow in ability and confidence, and to go on to achieve something they never thought possible.

“They have overcome challenges, dug deep, and found an inner strength that will no doubt serve them well in their graduate lives. John and I are very proud of them all.”