A consultation is open on a proposed development of up to 30 houses, with associated parking, access and infrastructure for land at Pen y Ffridd Road, Bangor.


The site was part of a larger proposed residential development site for 366 dwellings proposed by Morbaine Ltd in July 2013. The application was subsequently refused after an appeal to the planning inspectorate in 2018, over fears the development could have a detrimental effect on the Welsh language.

The new proposal by Adra housing association (previuosly known as Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd) would see the development of 12 affordable houses and 18 open housing market units, they will be a mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom properties suitable for four or five people.

As a registered social landlord, the main purpose of Adra is to offer affordable homes to those in need. They are an independent not for profit organisation which is registered and managed by Welsh Government. As a not for profit organisation any surplus income is returned to the business to enable them to continue to provide homes and services and deliver their objectives.

At present Adra manage and maintain 6,287 affordable rented homes. During the last eight years Adra have invested £137 million in their homes to achieve the Wales Housing Quality Standard (WHQS).

Due to the demand for more affordable units in Gwynedd, Adra is building new homes and has implemented an ambitious ‘development’ programme, recognising that affordable housing is a vital element in regenerating communities and strengthening social inclusion.

The proposed scheme aims to provide good quality homes on the outskirts of Bangor. The scheme will offer mixed tenures which includes modern properties and will support the continuous modern regeneration of Bangor and the vicinity.

According to the Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local Development Plan, implemented in July 2017, any development of 2 or more properties in Bangor must contain at least 20% of affordable units. The current proposal for this development are far beyond this requirement, with the proposal including the potential to deliver 40% of affordable units on the site.

Adra is committed to providing 12 affordable units in this scheme, that is 40% of the development which is an improvement to the current policy and the unit holders will be dependant on community needs when further developing the scheme and dependant on social housing grant levels.

To offer the improvement on the percentage of units that will be affordable and to ensure that the rent levels are within the affordable housing parameter providing such units is dependent on receiving social housing grant from Gwynedd Council and the Welsh Government.

Affordable housing will be offered either as social rented units and applicants must be registered with the Gwynedd Common Housing Register or registered with Tai Teg for intermediate rented units.

Social housing properties are allocated based on need. Gwynedd uses an allocation scheme which awards points to prioritise applicants based on their situation and needs. For them to be considered for social housing, applicants must be registered with the Gwynedd Common Housing Register. They should apply through Gwynedd Housing Options Team.

At present Adra owns and manages 1,183 of social rented units in Bangor. These are located around Bangor; however, most are in the Marchog ward which is about a mile from the city centre.

Providing housing on the outskirts of Bangor offers the possibility for tenants to be within walking distance to several local facilities, amenities and the public transport network, therefore reducing car dependence.

Providing housing will provide families who are living in flats with the opportunity to move to a house with a private garden located on a pleasant estate. This will provide families with the opportunity to settle in the area and improve the quality of life of all family members.

Following recent changes to the benefits system, several tenants have suffered due to the bedroom tax because of under occupancy and wish to move to a smaller home. Two-bedroom properties would assist Adra to better manage its current stock and enable those applicants who wish to move to a smaller home and leaving their current home and release it to other applicants. This would also help families on the housing register who require 3 or 4-bedroom homes.

At present, there are 109 applicants on the Tai Teg register who wish to be considered for rented housing in Gwynedd with the majority having expressed an interest in Bangor.

At present, Adra have 5,287 of affordable rented homes, with 1,183 of these located in the 8 electoral wards of Bangor. There is high demand for social rented units in this area.
Providing the potential to build 40% of the scheme as affordable units to be let meets the requirements of Gwynedd Strategic Teams, that is to provide more affordable units for local families.

The Pre-Application Consultation is available below and ends on the 18 October 2019

Land at Pen y Ffridd Road, Bangor / Tir yn Ffordd Pen y Ffridd, Bangor