A prolific offender, with one of the worst criminal records in the country, has avoided jail after being found in Asda supermarket, breaching a previous court order.

David Valencia, 69, who has more than 450 previous convictions over a period of 50 years, was found in the alcohol aisle of Asda in Bangor on New Year‘s Day, despite being banned from the store. After being asked to leave the store he retuned on three occasions and was later arrested by police.

Valencia admitted four charges of breaching a criminal behaviour order at Caernarfon magistrates court and was given a 12-week prison sentence suspended for a year.

Magistrates heard that Valencia, who had only been released from prison three weeks ago, was trying to break his cycle of offending and that most of his offences were due to problems with alcohol.

Giving him credit for his guilty pleas, Valencia was told: “We take note of your wish to break the cycle of offending. It is down to you now.”

Photo: North Wales Police