Plans have been submitted to replace the existing School at Ysgol y Garnedd in Bangor with a new 420 capacity  school. The new school would provide fourteen classrooms, two Additional Learning Needs classrooms, a Cylch Meithrin along with a number of different teaching spaces, staff and administration areas and a large hall.

After a number of different sites were considered within the area, the current site at Ysgol y Garnedd along with a section of Friars School playing area was chosen as it was best suited for the new school. It is proposed that the new school building will be constructed on the Friars School field while the existing Ysgol y Garnedd is still in use. Once the new school building is completed the existing buildings will be demolished to make way for an additional car park and sports fields.

Gwynedd Council carried out an in depth review of its primary schools which resulted in the report “Review of Education Provision in Bangor Catchment Area” in January 2017 leading to the consultation on the future of schools in Bangor catchment area; recommending the new Ysgol y Garnedd and the closure of Ysgol Babanod Coedmawr and Ysgol Glanadda.

There are currently eleven schools in the Bangor catchment area, two secondary schools and nine primary schools. The schools are situated within and around the city of Bangor. A new school building was opened at Ysgol Cae Top in September 2009 following an investment of £4 million.

Full Planning Details can be viewed here:
Planning Application Reference Number: C18/0796/11/R3

The new school would be built on part of Ysgol Friars playing fields and the old Ysgol y Garnedd will ultimately be demolished to create extra parking and playing fields.