Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood is visiting Bangor to set out a radical agenda for ensuring that ‘decisions affecting Wales are made in Wales’ through a programme of democratisation and empowerment.

Leanne will be speaking at a public meeting at 6.30pm, 9 March, about how to challenge London parties ‘top-down, state-centric politics’ and hearing from people in the local area about their aspirations for Bangor and Wales.

This is also the local launch of a wide-ranging pamphlet, with ideas ranging from education to enterprise to democratic reform to emphasise giving people a greater say over the matters that affect them and their communities.

Leanne Wood says it’s vital to re-engage individuals with politics and challenge the despair that has dominated in light of a decade of cuts and the vote to leave the EU.

When: 9 March at 18:30–20:00

Where: Crosville Social Club, Beach Road, Bangor LL57 1AB