A fox which entered a house in Bangor through the cat flap, attacked the family cat and bit the house owner.

Clare Ann Davies, who lives in Tan y Graig, Bangor, now wants to warn her neighbours and other cat owners in the area, near Caernarfon Road.

It happened so fast

Claire said: “It was a small fox that was upstairs in my house, my cat is fine but was shaken up. I didn’t need to get treatment as it hasn’t left a mark on me.

Claire, who had to fight off the fox before it fled, added: “I know it sounds bad but I had to kick it, and it ran and made a mess in my bathroom.

“It happened so fast I thought it was a Jack Russell at first, until it made a noise and I noticed what it was.

“It was so frightening I’d like to warn my neighbours as there are a few cats around my area.”

Another local resident said: “It will be a year next month that our fluffy black cat vanished, we were told then there were foxes around.”

Attacks are rare

The RSPCA say that the number of incidents of foxes attacking adult cats is low, but given the opportunity, foxes will kill small domestic pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. If you keep these pets outdoors, they need to be housed in a secure hutch.

It is estimated there are 225,000 adult rural foxes and 33,000 urban foxes across Britain. Attacks on humans are extremely rare, however, in 2010 two baby twin girls were left seriously ill in hospital after they were reportedly attacked by a fox as they slept in their cots at their home in East London.