After undergoing a mastectomy and treatment for breast cancer, Lesley Hatt wasn’t sure if she’d ever meet someone romantically again, but all that has changed thanks to the Bangor Sing with Us Choir.

With the result of her operation not as she expected and her confidence knocked, Lesley came across the Bangor Sing with Us choir while they were performing in a Llangefni supermarket. She was persuaded to join the choir and assured she would have a good social life, but her life has changed completely since meeting Gwyn Williams.

Lesley said: “I was recovering from a mastectomy when I joined the choir. I was living with my dad to care for him after my mum had passed away while I was having treatment. She had been poorly for a while and I was told not to tell her about my cancer diagnosis because she was so ill.

“I was shopping in Llangefni when I came across the Bangor Sing with Us choir while they were fundraising for Tenovus Cancer Care in the supermarket foyer. I was assured of a good social life if I joined and saw it as an escape from looking after my dad so I signed up and I’ve never looked back.

“Sometime later a friend at choir asked if anyone could give a new chap from the Caernarvon area a lift to choir because he’s visually impaired. Gwyn had heard the choir sing at Caernarvon food festival and wanted to join. He’s a soloist usually and sang solo for us at the Lovelight concert in 2018.

“I was terribly nervous when picking him up. I was over-friendly to compensate but will admit I was attracted to him straight away. I chased him until he caught me and after that it became impossible to keep from the other choir members. We did a gig on Lligwi beach one summer where everyone in the choir was whispering because there was obviously something going on between us. We’ve been together for nearly two years now and been on lots of holidays together – we’re off to the Mediterranean on a cruise this summer.

“I didn’t think I’d ever meet anyone after having my mastectomy. I’d had a reconstruction but I wasn’t really happy with the results and any confidence I had was gone. I was worried about telling Gwyn about my mastectomy and I couldn’t just let him be surprised. He was very sweet and told me that I was brave which made me feel worse because I’ve not been brave at all about it, it’s just something I’ve put up with.

“The choir is special to me. It’s given my social life a boost and gets me out of the house. It makes you feel worthwhile because you’re relied upon and needed for gigs which spur you on to do these things. With my children moved away to have families of their own I had an empty nest, but the choir has given me Gwyn and some purpose again.”

Sing with Us choirs are fun, uplifting and friendly, and are open to anyone affected by cancer whether you’re a patient, survivor, carer or someone who has been bereaved through cancer.

Bangor Sing With Us Meet at Eglwys y Groes Church, Maesgeirchen, Bangor LL57 1LW on Thursdays 6.30pm–8pm, under the guidance of choir leader Kiefer Jones.

For more details about Sing With Us visit the website CLICK HERE or call the free Support Line on 0808 808 1010