Organisers of a student protest against the proposed cuts at Bangor University, have hit back at criticism of their action. Over 1,000 students could attend the protest planned for 18 January and organisers have said: “We’re not attacking the University. We’re protesting because we love our University.”

Protest organiser Owen J Hurcum said: “I moved to Bangor two and a half years ago to start studying at this institution, and it is because of this University I have moved my entire life here.

“I work in this city, live 12 months of the year here and plan to study my masters here. I love this University and the protest is down to that love. I, and I’m sure many attending the protest, are committed to this action because we feel the proposed cuts will damage the quality of education and experience that we get as students. We want to save the Uni from making a decision that will harm itself.”

International student Kayleigh Lavornia said: “As an international student, studying at Bangor University has given me the opportunity to experience and grow a love for the culture that this country has to offer.

“I have been welcomed with open arms, and am beyond grateful to the staff and fellow students who have made my experience here at Bangor so unique to my growth. It is this love for my university that has prompted me to run this campaign above all else.

“My lecturers are a core part of what puts the student experience here above other universities; it would be a shame to see the university disregard that fact, and I will do what I can to ensure they, and the student experience, are protected.”

In a joint statement to student magazine Seren, Owen and Kayleigh said: “We don’t want the university to feel under attack by its student body – far from it.

“The student body is speaking because we love this university. Hopefully with a large turnout on the 18th we can ensure the university listens to us and our calls for the current planned cuts to be scrapped so we can all continue to enjoy our experience at this fantastic institution.

“Moving forward, we are here to ensure that the university will be more transparent with their decision-making processes and consult students on what they want to see from the university.

“Many would agree that protecting staff is their first priority. Having valuable academic staff is the core selling point for any prospective student – and the response from current students to our protest shows that the staff employed here are valued by many.”

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