Some residents in Hirael area of Bangor have received a letter requesting that they don’t cause an ‘unnecessary obstruction of the highway’ by placing plastic cones and other objects in the road to reserve a parking space outside their houses.

The letter, from the Transport Service at Gwynedd Council, said: “It has recently been brought to our attention that cones, bins, pallets, etc, are illegally placed on the highway in order to reserve car parking spaces for residents in Seiriol Road, Friars Avenue, Friars Road, Orme Road, Glynne Road, Fairview Road, Totten Road and Ambrose Street, Bangor.

“The purpose of the letter is to respectfully request that you should you be contemplating taking such measures that you refrain from doing so.

“Whilst it is appreciated, that parking can be a problem in many areas, it is actually an offence under Section 137(1) Highways Act 1980, for a person without lawful authority to wilfully obstruct the free passage along a highway.

“Gwynedd Council in its capacity as the Highway Authority will be monitoring the area and give notice that any such obstruction deposited on the highway so as to cause an obstruction, or constitute a nuisance and is deemed a danger will under S149(1) of the Act be removed forthwith.

“The authority may also consider taking legal proceedings against an individual and seek the expenses reasonably incurred in dealing with the obstruction and the storage of any item seized.”

In response to the letters, local councillor for Hirael, Keith Jones, is now looking into the matter and the possibility of a residents permit parking system, he said: “This ongoing problem needs looking at, there is a similar system (permit parking) in Penchwintan which apparently seems to work. The cost of a permit for each house is a £25 annual charge. Everyone in the street must agree to the resident parking system or it can’t go ahead.”

It is understood that councillor officers will now visit local residents in the area to gauge opinion on a parking scheme and report their findings.