Protestors will gather in Bangor this Saturday, 31 August, to protest against the decision to suspend Parliament, just days after MPs return to work in September – and only a few weeks before the Brexit deadline.

The request to suspend parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been approved by the Queen, allowing the government to suspend Parliament no earlier than Monday 9 September and no later than Thursday 12 September, until Monday 14 October.

Boris Johnson said a Queen’s Speech would take place after the suspension, on 14 October, to outline his “very exciting agenda”. But the move also means the time MPs have to pass laws to stop a no-deal Brexit on 31 October would be cut.

Representatives of different political parties and groups are expected to attend the rally in Bangor, including Cllr Catrin Wager (Plaid Cymru) and Steffie Williams Roberts (Chair of Bangor Labour) and Hwyel Williams MP is also expected to speak.

Protest organiser Councillor Owen J Hurcum said: ““Boris Johnson has successfully managed to get permission from the Queen to prorogue our parliament. We find ourselves in the situation where our un-elected Prime Minister has been assisted by our un-elected head of state to circumvent our parliament to force through a No Deal – which also does not have a mandate.

“We cannot be silent whilst Johnson tramples all over our democracy. Stand Up For Democracy rallies have been quickly organized for all over the UK and a number will be happening at the same time as our rally in Bangor.

“It is important we stand united across the countries of the UK to show that Boris Johnson’s undemocratic actions will not be accepted by the populace. A petition calling on him to U-turn on his pursuit of shutting down our democracy has already reached a million signatories. We must keep the pressure on him mounting.

“Bangor might be a small city, but as I said at the last event, we just can’t help but protests against injustices we see – its my favourite thing about my community – so let’s show that Bangor spirit at its best and make it loud and clear that we won’t accept this attack on our democracy.”

Bangor Stand Up for Democracy Protest
Saturday 31 August 2019
Bangor Clock Tower, Bangor High Street
Time: 11am

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