A ‘nuisance’ 999 caller from Bangor who made nearly 900 calls to the ambulance service, was an 83-year-old man who “just wanted to talk to someone” and appeared in court in his pyjamas.

The man, who had never been in trouble with the police before, had been served with a community protection order for phoning the ambulance service 166 times this month alone, however his behaviour continued and he made a further 19 phone calls the same day the protection order had been issued, which lead to his arrest.

The behaviour had been ongoing for eleven months and paramedics had attended his emergency calls unnecessarily. He was fined £350 with £115 costs after he admitted failing to comply with a community protection notice and misusing the phone.

Defence solicitor Graham Parry told the court at Llandudno that the pensioner suffers with ill health, telling the court: ”He didn’t want an ambulance on occasions, in a state of anxiety he just wanted to talk to someone.”

The judge Gwyn Jones told the defendant :”It’s extremely important you don’t misuse the 999 or 101 system otherwise you will be back before the court.”