A ‘register to vote’ event will be held in Bangor this Saturday, encouraging those who aren’t already registered to do so, enabling them to vote in local elections or should a general election be called in the near future.

MPs may have rejected calls for an early general election – but an autumn poll is widely expected.

The Bangor event is mainly targeted at the local young people and also the student body who haven’t voted before and aren’t already on the electoral register.

Eirian Williams Roberts, Secretary Bangor branch Labour Party & Vice Chair – Membership for Arfon Constituency Labour Party, said: “The event is targeted at the local young people and also the student body where we will encourage them to register to vote.

“We may be the local Labour Party hosting this event but it’s not about who you would vote for but actually having the opportunity to vote.

“We’re not canvassing people for their vote we just want them to see how easy it is to register and also let them know that their details on the electoral register can be kept secret by simply ticking one box.

“Having the ability to exercise your democratic right to vote has never been so important, and that’s the message we’re trying to get across.”

The event will be held at Bangor Clock on Saturday, 28 September 12pm – 4pm

More details are available on the Facebook Event Page Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/382632869097432/

Who can register to vote in a general election?

Anyone on the electoral register aged 18 or above on polling day has a vote. You have to be a British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland. Although a date has not been set for a general election, you can register to vote at any time if you are 17 – or 15 in Scotland. You need to register at least 12 working days before an election.

How do I register to vote if I’m at university?

Students can vote using their university or home address. It is legal to be registered in two areas, but a criminal offence to vote in both. If students are already registered at their home address, they could use a postal vote or proxy vote if they are not there on election day.

People who are working away from home or on holiday on election day can also vote by post or proxy, which means nominating someone to cast a vote for you. Your proxy must be aged 18 or over and also registered. If you are suddenly incapacitated or taken ill on polling day, you can apply for an emergency proxy up until 17:00 on the day.