Gwynedd Council have secured significant investment to modernise primary education provision in the city of Bangor.

A total of £12.7 million has been earmarked for the work, which includes a commitment of £6.35 million from the Welsh Government to enable the Council to review and improve education provision, which has been made available through the Welsh Governments 21st Century Schools Programme, to modernise education provision in Wales.

Bangor Area

The Council cabinet has identified Bangor as an area where primary education provision needs to be reviewed. There area number of issues which require consideration in the catchment area, namely :

  •  Some schools are full there is a need to ensure sufficient space in schools and that no school is overcrowded.
  •  School buildings need to be in good condition
  •  The cost per head needs to be similar across schools
  •  A need to ensure that schools are viable for the future, and that schools are not too small to maintain.
  •  To provide space for children living in the new housing development at Goetre Uchaf in Penrhosgarnedd.
  •  To seek to improve the provision of education in the Bangor catchment area taking advantage of Welsh Government funding.

Gwynedd Councils vision is to develop an education system that will:

“Provide education of the best possible quality that will provide the county’s children with the experiences, skills and confidence to develop into bilingual successful and well-rounded citizens.”

As part of the engagement process, a Bangor catchment area review panel has been established to discuss future education provision in the area.

The purpose of the meetings is to offer everyone the opportunity to consider the current situation in the Bangor catchment area, and to consider how to ensure the provision of world class education in the future.

The review panel includes The Cabinet Minister of Education, Local Councillors, Head, Chair of Governors and Parent Governor of all Schools, Gwynedd Council’s Head of Education and representation from the church of Wales and the Catholic Church.

The panel received the following information as a basis for discussion:

The location of schools, pupil numbers and projections, capacity of schools and surplus places, Head teacher provision and recruitment issues, class size, information where the pupils come from, school financial allocations, the linguistic profile of schools, suitability of buildings, facilities and resources in schools, community use.

The first meeting was held on June 26, 2017 and the second on 10 July, 2017.

The Next Steps:

The council is keen to ensure that members of staff, parents and pupils of each school are fully aware of the discussions that are taking place throughout the process.

October 2017: Third Bangor Catchment area review Panel meeting to discuss possible options before deciding on a preferred option that meets the educational needs of the area.

December 2017: A formal report will be presented to the Gwynedd Council’s cabinet for consideration seeking the cabinet’s consent to hold a statutory consultation on a preferred option in the area.

TBC: Following the cabinets decision, a statutory consolation will take place and everyone will have the opportunity to express their view on the preferred option.

May 2018: Final decision of the cabinet