A Bangor based community choir are offering their services to sing at funerals, weddings, and fundraisers across North Wales.

Threnody, which means a poem or song of mourning, were formed mainly from the ranks of Bangor community choir, and bring live choral singing to funerals and other events.

Tim Clark, from the group, said: “It’s our belief that the sound of unaccompanied, natural voice singing, can create a space for strong emotion and can console and comfort.

“Harmony singing goes deep, it can tingle the spine and sooth the spirit.

“We sing in English and Welsh and other languages, we sing a capella, although we are prepared to be ’organ tolerant’ but we do prefer the simple purity of voice alone.”

The choir have a varied repertoire and don’t always sing at funerals, they have performed at weddings, charity fundraisers and Beaumaris Food Festival as well as singing carols at residential homes.

Tim added: “At a crematorium funeral recently, there were more Threnodists than mourners, as can happen when the person who has died is a great age, afterwards a mourner said that the choir had added much warmth and resonance. It’s such a privilege to be able to do this.”

The choir are available on request, the performance is free and they only charge travel expenses. For more information about Threnody and their services please visit and like their Facebook page: