Plans are in full swing for the new ‘Loungers’ Bar which is due to open in Bangor next spring and it will be called ‘Clio Lounge’.

The national restaurant chain, which has more than 100 cafés and restaurants across the UK, will be based at 274-276 Bangor High Street at the former ‘Blue Inc’ clothing outlet, which recently closed.

The award-winning all day restaurant/café/bar business was established in Bristol in 2002 and now operates 115 outlets across the UK with a turnover in excess of £90 Million each year.

It’s understood that Loungers Ltd will take the premises in Bangor by way of a 15 year lease and will invest in excess of £500,000 refitting the for their new concept.

The financial commitment clearly demonstrates that they want to be in Bangor for the long term and will play a vital role in the future of the High Street. It’s hoped Loungers all day trade will also have a positive impact and bring more footfall to the city centre of Bangor.


Best described as being ‘like all the comfort of home but better…unless you have a bar in your lounge and a chef’, Lounges are a food-led neighbourhood café/bar business phenomenon that has grown rapidly from its Bristol beginnings.

Lounges are homely, relaxed and slightly eccentric and they offer quality, value-for-money, casual dining and drinking. As a result, they attract a diverse customer base including young professionals, mums, families, over 60s and students. The concept is informal, resulting in a rolling customer base where customers use ‘their Lounge’ to fulfil different needs at different times of the day.

Loungers have converted a variety of properties to Lounge café/bars including former banks and building societies, nightclubs, retail units and new developments.

Sites are typically located in busy secondary high streets in densely populated small towns, suburban areas of large cities and within mixed-use developments.