North Wales Police have arrested five men following an incident on Bangor High Street this afternoon, when a police officer was assaulted and a Taser was stolen.

The incident occurred at 1.30pm today, Thursday 4 July, in what police have described as an “isolated incident” where the assault on the plain clothes officer was as a result of police generated activity.

Despite the arrests the Taser is still missing and police have appealed for its safe return. A police spokesperson said: “If you come across the Taser please do not handle it and call 999 immediately quoting ref X093333.

“Thankfully the officer was not seriously hurt.”

A Taser is used by trained police officers to temporarily incapacitate a suspect through the use of an electrical current. It is a hand-held weapon similar in shape and size to a pistol, but is bright yellow in colour.

Tasers discharge an electrical current that interferes with the body’s neuromuscular system. It allows officers to deal with violent or potentially violent people at a distance. Tasers are classed as a firearm in the UK. They are prohibited under the Firearms Act and possession is a serious criminal offence.