There are renewed fears that Squirrel pox has returned to the local red squirrel population, after another red squirrel was found dead in woodland on the Faenol estate in Bangor.

The squirrel had severe skin lesions on its body, which is usually an indication of squirrel pox. Samples have been taken and the body has now been sent away for testing, if they prove positive this will be the 3rd confirmed case since September.

Red Squirrel Trust Wales has seen a sharp decline in the number of red squirrels in Treborth and Faenol woodlands over the last few weeks and they are concerned that a major outbreak could spread to Anglesey.

Grey squirrels can carry the squirrel pox virus but are immune to it, however they can spread the disease to red squirrels who don’t have the same immunity and the disease is usually fatal in red squirrels.

The Red Squirrel Trust are now recommending any feeding of reds in Gwynedd is limited to scatter feeding rather than using feeders, which can harbour and spread the virus. Signs to look out for include scabs, blisters or grazes when reds visit your garden.

If you see a dead or dying squirrel please report it to the Red Squirrel Trust by contacting 07966 150847 or