Bangor City Council have decided that the policy of allowing dogs onto Bangor Pier will be made permanent, following a successful six month trial.

The Town Clerk reported at the City Council Meeting, on 23rd April, that the six months trial period of allowing dogs on the Pier was coming to an end and there were no reports of adverse incidents.

Councillors voted unanimously to allow dogs on the Pier last November following campaign to revoke a twenty year ruling preventing dogs being walked along Bangor’s famous pier.

A poll on The Bangor Pier Appreciation Group’s Faceboook Page last year, had shown there was overwhelming support to allow Dogs on Bangor Pier under supervision, with 280 of the 290 people that voted supported the idea, the majority of those who supported the idea preferred dogs to be kept on a lead.

The decision has been well received, with one happy dog owner saying: “So thrilled to find out today that we can visit Bangor Pier once more. A must for our every holiday in Snowdonia has been curtailed for the last 3 years since acquiring 2 small dogs.

“I haven’t minded all other restrictions since becoming dog owners, but Bangor Pier has been such a disappointment. It is quite the most wonderful Pier in the UK! Thank you for all your efforts to achieve this happy result.”