Plans to build 4 blocks of flats incorporating 70 living units, at the former Jewson Ltd, Penlon Works, at the lower end of Bangor High Street, have been refused by Gwynedd Council’s Planning Committee.

The planning committee considered that the appearance and scale of the development would be out of character with the surrounding area and the impact of proposed balconies, on the third floors of the development, would infringe on the privacy of the surrounding residential properties.

Bangor City Council had already objected to the development on the grounds that there is insufficient parking available on the site or nearby and believed it represented an over-development of the site.

Previous Planning

Previous planning applications for 161 student flats were rejected in 2011, after strong opposition from Bangor City Council and residents who staged protests and sent letters and emails of objection.

The number of units was later reduced to 109 but this was rejected again in 2013, despite an appeal from the developers to the Welsh Assembly government.

Outline planning for the site was originally approved in 2015, but councillors felt this application varied hugely from the original plans.