The mayors of two different Bangors in the USA are making an unusual bet on the Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. The losing Bangor will send the winner items representative of their hometowns.

The mayor of Bangor Maine, Ben Sprague, who’s a life long Patriots fan, knew there was a Bangor in Pennsylvania, when he found out it was only 87 miles north of Philadelphia, he called its mayor, Brooke Kerzner, and left a message on her phone to see if she would be interested in a bet.

As part of the bet, mayor Sprague is offering a box of Bangor Maine ‘Whoopie’ pies, a blueberry pie from Dysart’s Restaurant in Bangor, a case of Moxie, which was designated the official soft drink of Maine in 2005, and a collection of books written by world-renowned author and Bangor Maine resident Stephen King. He’s also throwing in some other Bangor souvenirs such as fridge magnets and coffee mugs.

Mayor Brooke Kerzner, of Bangor Pennsylvania, has bet some locally brewed beer, an assortment of local chocolates, fresh-roasted coffee and two slate quoit boards, a game popular in Pennsylvania.

Bangor Maine mayor Ben Sprague said: “I left a message on her phone to see if she would be interested in a bet, she got back to me right away and was into it. She was excited about it and it just kind of came together,”

Sprague said. “She’s competitive. She’s energetic. We both definitely want to win this bet. She is very proud of her Bangor as I am of our Bangor,” he added.

The two have since been using social media to taunt each other, Mayor Kerzner, a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan, enthusiastically accepted the bet and said: “I said absolutely to the bet, and there’s no reason for us to even offer anything, because we’re going to win,’” she said. “I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into.” on the offer of the Stephen King books, Kerzner joked: “I’ve never even heard of him.”

Bangor, Pennsylvania, is a small town of 5,300 people and is one of the top producers of roof slate, it also boasts having some of the first working women in the country during the Industrial Revolution. Bangor, Maine, is a city of about 33,000 people and is known for its lumber and shipbuilding industries. The two Bangors are about 500 miles apart.

Mayor Sprague said: “Even if the Patriots win, I’ll send her something in the spirit of friendship, it gives me a chance to show off our Bangor.”

The Super Bowl will be played at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Sunday, Feb. 4.

Tansy Baird, who is originally from Swansea now lives in Bangor, Pennsylvania, spoke to the Bangor Aye, she said: “Our little Bangor here in Pennsylvania is much smaller than Bangor Maine. The high school came over to Bangor Wales a few years back and the school flag is our Welsh flag, we also have a Welsh society here in Bangor, USA.”