Commuters and local residents were left is shock this morning when they awoke to the news that Menai Suspension Bridge has been stolen.

The Bridge, designed by Thomas Telford and completed in 1826, was the original link between Anglesey and the mainland of Wales at Bangor, the iconic bridge is also a Grade I listed building.

Conspiracy theories are already circulating that this is a plot by Westminster to create a hard border between Anglesey, the EU and mainland UK, in a bizarre twist before the Prime Minister attempts to bring her ‘significantly changed’ Brexit Deal before parliament for a 4th time.

Others believe a group known as ‘The Druids of Mon’ are responsible for the act, as part of their ongoing campaign to make Anglesey an independent state, which includes a plan to remove the two existing bridges. The Druids are yet to claim any responsibility for disappearance of the bridge.

Detectives, however, fear it may be the work of a sophisticated group of American criminals who have been targeting historical artefacts and monuments and then selling them on the ‘dark web’ for astronomical amounts.

A temporary crossing has already been established over the Menai Strait, which is a collaboration between Anglesey and Gwynedd Councils.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We are shocked to hear the news about Menai Bridge, this is unprecedented.

“A temporary structure has already been put in place, which is the best we can do under the circumstances, although we hope the original bridge can be found and retuned as soon as possible.

“Although, due to budget constraints, we are not in the position to offer a financial reward, we will offer a council tax discount of 5% for anyone providing information that leads to the safe return of the Menai Bridge.”

Police are expected to make a statement at 12.00pm today, 1st April.