Lily Edwards, from Bangor, has won first place and a runner-up spot in the RSPCA photography competition for close up photos of a bee and bug taken in her garden.

The judges, who included broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packman, awarded Lily, 17, 1st prize for her ‘bee on lavender’ photo, in the category for mobile phone and devices for 16 to 18-year-olds.

Lily said: “Before I discovered macro photography I never truly appreciated the intricacy of small insects.

“I take photographs for pleasure. It helps me de-stress. I took this photo in my garden when I noticed a bee buzzing around the lavender.

“I was surprised when I looked at the photo and saw the intricate features; its face for example is so prominent and it almost looks as if it’s smiling.”

Lily’s photo of a green shield bug was awarded the runner-up prize in the same category. She said: “When I managed to snap a photo I was surprised to see all the details that I didn’t notice with my naked eye.”

A gallery of the winning images in the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2017 competition has been published on the animal charity’s website.