Kingdom Security’s 12-month trial with Gwynedd council, which started on Monday, has been paused after just two days due to ‘operational issues‘.

Gwynedd council announced in December that from the new year, they would be increasing the level of fixed penalties issued for environmental crimes, such as littering and dog fouling, and that the council would also be working with private enforcement company Kingdom on a 12-month trial basis, to “fine the small minority of people who litter public places or who stubbornly refuse to clean up after their pets.”

The council announced that during the 12-month trial Kingdom would bring in additional officers to boost the Council’s existing efforts to tackle littering and dog control offences. It was also announced that the pilot scheme will be self-financing, with the costs of enforcement being met from the income from fixed penalty notices. Similar arrangements are already in place across a number of north Wales councils including Anglesey and Conwy.

A council spokesperson said: “The Kingdom Services Group are in the very early stages of a 12-month trial to carry out littering and dog fouling enforcement work for the Council. As is expected in the early stages of such a trial, there have been some initial operational issues that require further consideration including staffing levels, and it has been decided to temporarily pause the trial until these have been fully resolved by the company.”