Siân Gwenllian, AM, has questioned the First Minister Carwyn Jones, in the Welsh Assembly, about the lack of development at Parc Bryn Cegin Business Park in Bangor.

Siân Gwenllian asked: “Will the First Minister publish a specific timetable for the development of Parc Bryn Cegin Business park in Bangor?

“The first plans for this business park were published in the year 2000. New roads were built and a new roundabout, and a new entrance to the park was also opened, it was pledged that at least 1,500 jobs would be created.

“Now 18 years later not a single job has been created despite the millions of pounds invested to develop Parc Bryn Cegin. Isn’t it time for the Welsh Government to give priority, energy and enthusiasm to the task of developing Parc Bryn Cegin?”

First Minister Carwyn Jones replied: “The development land at Parc Bryn Cegin is available for development and is being actively marketed via our commercial property agents Cooke & Arkwright, on our property data base as well as Gwynedd Council.

“Well the history of Parc Bryn Cegin is this, and the member is right is saying the history goes back 18 years, planning permission had been granted as regards to employment, namely factories and offices at the time.

“We invested heavily between 2006-2008 in order to prepare the site for development, namely putting the roads and services in, but of course in 2008 we saw the (financial) crash and after that it started to become difficult at that point to draw people in because of the crash. There is now hope that we may be able to progress the situation.

“I understand that the developers ‘Liberty Properties, have said that a multiplex cinema might be coming to the site, if that’s true, we look forward to seeing that being established in order to help assist the site as they attract more businesses in.”

An email from Emyr Williams, Development Director for the site, confirmed the developers have secured Cineworld to build a 40,000 sq ft, multiplex cinema at the site.

The email stated: “In order to make it viable, we require 6 restaurants and 1 family pub. To date we have secured a family pub, plus lodge and 2 restaurant users.

“this is very frustrating, as I believe this is a first class site for a dedicated leisure scheme, to serve North West Wales, for both local residents and the tourist industry.

“Please be assured we are monitoring the market and are actively seeking restaurant operators to come to our development, but sadly we are not magicians, but we will do our best!”

Gwynedd Council have recently submitted plans to create a new 187 space ‘Park and Share’ Car Park at the site with a single bus stop, which will be utilised for a shuttle bus transporting shift workers to and from the proposed new Nuclear Power Plant at Wylfa on Anglesey.

Parc Bryn Cegin Bangor

Onid yw'n bryd i Lywodraeth Llafur Cymru flaenoriaethu datbyglu Parc Bryn Cegin Bangor ar ol deunaw mlynedd o fod yn segur?It's high time the Welsh Labour Government got on with developing the empty Parc Bryn Cegin Bangor after eighteen years of inaction. #ParcBrynCegin #Bangor

Posted by Siân Gwenllian AC/AM on Wednesday, 26 September 2018