Developers have submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate after Gwynedd Council refused to an application to build four blocks of flats, totalling 77 apartments, at the former Jewson Ltd Penlon Works at the lower end of Bangor High Street.

The outline planning permission for the scheme was granted in 2015 but the application to agree reserved matters (scale, appearance and landscaping), was refused by the Council’s Planning Committee, contrary to the recommendation of its professional Officers.

The application was refused because ‘It was considered that the appearance and scale of the development would be out of character with the surrounding townscape, the impact of which is increased with the prominence of the balconies on the third floors. It is also considered that the balconies would be harmful to the amenities and privacy of the surrounding residential properties.’

The main considerations the Planning Inspectorate will consider be the effect of the proposed development on the character and appearance of the surrounding area and Its effect on the living conditions of the occupiers of nearby dwellings with particular regard to privacy.

A number of additional concerns have been raised by third parties which include the number of units allocated as ‘affordable housing’ and that the development does not include accommodation for families. The scheme provides 24 one bedroom units, it also includes 46 two bedroom units.

Concerns have been expressed that the existing sewerage and drainage systems could not cope with the proposed 70 flats and it has been suggested that the scheme does not include sufficient levels of private parking and that the additional traffic would cause highway safety issues.

Despite suggestions the development will be occupied solely by students, the proposal is not for exclusive student accommodation and the flats would be freely available for purchase on the open market, other than the 13 specifically designated as ‘affordable housing’ units.

The full appeal and associated document can be read here:
Reference: 3224065