Bangor City Council have objected to the Phase 2 development at the former Dickies Boatyard site on Beach Road in Bangor, which would create 55 residential units, together with new vehicular access, estate roads and associated paths, parking spaces and landscaping.

The objection was raised at the Bangor council planning meeting on Monday 9th April and the clerk has now written to the Gwynedd Planning & Economic Development Department. The objection is based on the consideration that “The proposals are considered too large, too high and unacceptable for the area. It therefore would represent an over-development of the site.”

The application, from the Watkin Jones group, seeks full planning permission for a residential development of 55 dwellings, comprising of: 10 x 3 Bed Houses (2-Storey), 10 x 3 Bed Houses (3-Storey) 5 x 4 Bed Houses (3-Storey) 25 x 2 bed apartments and 5 x 3 bed apartments as part of a 4-storey block of apartments on the headland.

Phase 1 of the development provided 72 new dwellings and it is anticipated for Phase 2, that should planning permission be granted, construction will commence in August 2018 and it is expected that the development will be completed by September 2019.

Over 400 people have signed an online petition objecting to the development claiming the plans “Will change the views over Hirael Bay forever and that the plans are an unnecessary development which will change Bangor’s iconic waterfront for the worse.”

Affordable Housing

The proposed development would also provide an element of affordable housing and some local residents support the plans, one resident said: “I don’t think it’s any worst than the current look of the site now, what I would have like to see is the site being used for 1/2 bedroom social housing which CCG have admitted there is a lack of at present in Bangor! I’d rather some development rather than no development”

Another local resident said: “We’re in desperate need of affordable housing. It’s not like a pump house and wasteland is exactly scenic either.”