A recent Poll on The Bangor Pier Appreciation Group’s Faceboook Page, has shown there is overwhelming support to allow Dogs on Bangor Pier. Dogs are currently not allowed on the pier, a policy which has been in place for over twenty years.

The poll launched by Bangor and Gwynedd Councillor Nigel Pickavance has shown that 240 of the 250 people who have voted so far support the idea of dogs being allowed on the pier, although the majority of those supporting the idea would prefer dogs to be kept on a lead.

Some respondents have expressed reservations about dog waste, while others have suggested dog waste bags should be available and waste bins be installed near the entrance to the pier, but the majority of respondents seem happy as long as dog owners are responsible.

Of the negative reviews Bangor Pier has received on Trip Advisor, most refer to the ‘No Dog Policy’ and people’s disappointment at being turned away from the pier because they have a dog, with comments such as ‘most of Wales is dog friendly but not here’ another review on Trip Advisor said “I travelled to Bangor pier yesterday and took my dog. I was really disappointed that I wasn’t able walk my dog along the pier. There was another couple with a dog who were disappointed too. Had a wasted journey. I would of liked to walked along the pier, but didn’t want to leave my dog in the car.“

Dogs are currently allowed on Llandudno Pier and the majority of people are happy to see dogs allowed on Bangor Pier too. In response to the poll, Cllr Pickavance now plans to raise the issue at the Bangor Council meeting, saying: “Hopefully the City Council members will support the outcome of this poll and adhere to what the Community say” See more