UNISON Cymru Wales has responded to the news that as many as 60 jobs are threatened at Bangor university, warning the quality of education and prestige of the institution will inevitably suffer.

The trade union, which represents university support staff, has singled out the threat to cut Bangor security team jobs as an ‘own goal’ which will deter potential Bangor students of the future from applying to the university. Security staff keep students safe from crime; are often the first responders to medical emergencies on campus and they help support lonely students.

UNISON argues there has been managed decline at the university including a previous round of job losses. The union said whilst low paid university workers are threatened with redundancy, the Vice-Chancellor’s luxurious lifestyle means he is cut-off from reality. Unison believes it is essential for staff representatives to have a say in determining Bangor’s future strategy.

Wendy Allison, UNISON regional organiser said: “Support staff work as hard as they can to make Bangor a success. Rather than stabilising the university, slashing jobs will instead turn off students of the future if they think the campus is less safe and there is less interest in promoting student welfare.

“When you consider what Bangor university contributes to the local economy and for Wales, it’s essential to protect the quality of education and student support and we’ll work hard with the university to achieve those aims. The new Vice Chancellor must have a vision to make Bangor a great educational institution.

“There’s no doubt, the five-star, grace and favour accommodation and first class overseas travel of the current Vice Chancellor has caused resentment amongst low pay staff threatened with redundancy.

“The staff trade unions must be allowed to help shape the direction of Bangor going forward.”


A student organised protest against the proposed cuts at the University will be held on Friday, 18 January 2019, from 13:00-16:00 .

A spokesperson said: “As I am sure many of you are aware Bangor University have decided to make several of our Lecturers redundant and close the Chemistry course to save £5m despite still giving a 1/4 million pound salary to the VC amongst other expenses.

“This will be a student protest to show our solidarity with our lecturers and staff and to pressure the Uni into changing it’s action.”

For More Info about the protest visit the Facebook event here: