Bangor Students Union have criticised a promotional video released by Cube Nightclub which promotes their Halloween event called ‘Enter the Asylum’

The Facebook video appears to portray mental health patients who are in the nightclub, one in a straight-jacket, who are about to be ejected from the club by a doorman. In the video the club doorman prepares an injection before he is attacked.

The video has already had over 10,000 views.

The Students Union have released a statement this evening requesting that the Nightclub remove the video as they believe it stigmatises people suffering with mental health issues.

The statement reads: “We at Undeb Bangor understand the importance of positive mental health and we are striving to allow students to start conversations they want to have in an open and non-judgemental environment. A recent video released by Cube for the publicity around their Halloween event ‘Enter the Asylum’ has been bought to the attention of the Sabbatical team.

“This video appears to display a variety of mental health topics that are used in a publicity manner and can be seen as derogatory for people that may experience these matters.

“We at Undeb Bangor are disappointed that this kind of negative concept has been used. This video displays mental health in a commercial and hurtful way to people affected. The treatment of patients in early mental asylums was sometimes very brutal and focused on containment and restraint. It’s taken years to reform and research into treatment to provide the emphasis on helping patients.

“We at Undeb Bangor feel strongly about tackling the traditional stigma attached to mental health illness.

“We request that Cube remove the video in order to minimise the effect of this stigmatism and allow us to work on improving the mental health provisions in Bangor.

“If the video has affected anything you wish to discuss or would simply like to have a chat about mental health; your own or the provisions we have in place please come into the Students’ Union. We have drop ins between 2-3pm Monday to Friday with Mental health drop ins on Wednesday 2-4 pm alternatively contact a member of your sabbatical team.”



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Posted by Cube Nightclub on Wednesday, 25 October 2017