Plans for a Starbucks drive-through coffee shop in the centre of Bangor have been rejected by Gwynedd Council.

The development which was planned on land at the junction of Deiniol Road and Sackville Road faced considerable opposition from Bangor City Council, local residents and Bangor Civic Society. An online petition against the development had attracted over 1,000 signatures.

Among the concerns were the volume of traffic the drive-through coffee shop would create on an already busy roundabout and plans to cut down several iconic Black poplar trees, which are protected by a preservation order.

During the planning meeting today Councillors expressed concern over traffic levels, road safety, lack of parking, loss of green space and the destruction of the mature trees.

Bangor Civic Society Secretary Don Mathew, who spoke at the hearing, said “Common sense has prevailed. This was an unsustainable application in completely the wrong place. We contacted Starbucks direct, to urge them to move to the High Street or, even better, the new Parc Bryn Cegin. For Gwynedd Council to have given this the go-ahead would have meant them flouting many of their own policies.”

Don Mathew continued ” I am very disappointed in the site’s owners, Deiniol Developments, an off-shoot of the Watkin Jones group. As a local firm they should have known this application was a non-starter and it has wasted large amounts of everyone’s time. Gwynedd planners may not get many thanks but their work was meticulous on this occasion. Thanks also go to Hywel Williams MP and Councillor Steve Collings, who led the opposition, and to the dozens of Bangor citizens who made their feelings public. This has been a victory for people power.”