If you’re out and about in Bangor, you may be lucky enough to find a colourful little rock with a message written on it. Kindness Rocks are encouraging people to spread positivity by leaving a small rock with inspirational words or a painting, and they are being left around Bangor for people to find.

The idea of Kindness Rocks is to simply brighten someone’s day, and a Facebook Group Bangor Kindness Rocks Has now been set up to see how far Bangor rocks travel around the UK and even the World!

You can use paint, chalk, crayons or sharpies to decorate your rock, as long as it has a coat of sealer over it to help preserve the art and protect it from the rain. On the back of your masterpiece write with a ‘Sharpie’ pen – “Post a picture to the Facebook Page “Bangor Kindness Rocks”

If you’re lucky enough to find a piece of art you can take a photo of it, post it to Facebook and you can re-hide it, or if you want to then feel free to keep it! The idea is for it to be fun, allowing everyone of all ages and abilities to be creative and to get outside.

Bangor Kindness Rocks are starting to make their way further afield and have now been found in Penamawer, Nefyn with one making its way to Soham in Cambridgeshire.

While the idea is great fun, there are some rules in place, be mindful of where you are hiding the rocks, being respectful of parks, private property and businesses and also be aware you aren’t allowed to just take rocks from people’s gardens or from beaches, as it’s against the law.

For more information and tips about Kindness Rocks visit the Bangor Kindness Rocks Facebook Group here:

Kindness Rocks are appearing in Bangor (Photos Bangor Kindness Rocks Facebook Group)