The £1million restoration work on Bangor’s Garth Pier is progressing well, according to the latest report from Bangor City Council.

The restoration work, which commenced in August 2017, is the first renovation programme carried out on Bangor’s iconic landmark, since 1986.

A spokesperson for Bangor City Council said: “Due to the precarious nature of this work, substantial and creative scaffolding was required. Work commenced in autumn 2017 on Phase1 and proceeded through to Phases 2 and 3.

“Detailed incremental surveys had to be undertaken, revealing more and more challenging problems and the extent of the metal decay. Some areas were so bad they could not be saved and new steel, both trusses and supports had to replace the decayed and weak areas.

“The Pier Head had to be closed due to safety issues with trusses so weak and corroded there was an immenent danger to safety, especially having observed the collapse at Colwyn Bay pier.

“All Trusses, both principal and wind, have been replaced in their entirety at the Pier Head.

“Phase 3 of the restoration (Pier Head), which has proved to be very difficult, is now coming towards a close. The weather has been pretty kind for this part of the world and progress has been rapid. Completion of the Pier Head will be ahead of schedule, but this area will remain closed to the public until it is deemed not to be a construction site and the Pavilion is rebuilt. We anticipate (weather permitting) that the area will be available to the public before 1 April 2019.

“Work is to start shortly on Phase 4, which we are hoping to complete but anything further will depend on further funding, as the capital budget of £1.3m will soon be exhausted.

“I can now report that the Pier is safe and presents no health and safety or structural issues going forward.”

The rest of the Pier remains open during the restoration wor.