Researchers have found that Bangor is top of the class when it comes to for affordability for students.

Study in North Wales and the Totally Money research team found you’ll get more bang for your buck. A meal for two costs as little as a tenner and it has the lowest-priced pint at just £2.09.

Inspired by the Times Higher Education (THE) Top 50 UK University Rankings Totally Money created their own top 50 table. It’s still a guide for students, but rather than rank universities on their academic excellence, they’ve tested them based on eight cost of living factors.

  • Weekly Rent of University Halls
  • Cinema Ticket Price
  • Monthly Gym Membership
  • Cappuccino Cost
  • Meal Cost
  • Pint Price at Wetherspoon
  • Doner Kebab Price
  • Taxi Cost from Town Centre to University

The result is this map showing the most affordable UK places for student in 2019. Take a look and you’ll quickly see which places graduate with a First-Class Degree in affordability and where needs ‘extra schooling’ in student-friendly pricing.