A ‘Brexitometer’ on Bangor High Street has shown the majority of people questioned are unhappy with the Brexit negotiations and want a ‘People’s Vote’ on a final Brexit deal.

Around 200 people responded to the questions on the High Street on Saturday, 6 October, which were asked by a group called ‘Wales for Europe’ a cross-party and no-party coalition seeking a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal,

The majority of respondents to the questionnaire strongly disagreed that Brexit will be good for the economy, trade and jobs, also thinking Brexit would be bad for Wales. Most participants thought the government are doing a bad job of negotiating Brexit.

A spokesman for ‘Wales for Europe’ said: “The results are clear; there is a feeling of despair at the Government’s attempts to reconcile the position of the EU’s 27 states and the UK’s request for the benefits of membership without the obligations.

“There was a more nuanced response to the question of a second referendum or a People’s Vote on the final deal; some people felt this was Parliament’s task, and many are tired of an apparently endless process of referendum and elections. But the overwhelming majority of our respondents called for a People’s Vote, reflecting a growing call from leading politicians from all parties. The coming weeks will decide the outcome”.

A demonstration for a People’s Vote will be held in London on 20 October and a bus will be leaving Bangor early that morning for anyone who wants to join the protest, for more details please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/339183489989833/