Beaumaris lifeboat volunteers were called out of their beds last night to respond to an emergency in Bangor which turned out to be a hoax.

The U.K. Coastguard at Holyhead received a report that a sixty year old male had fallen between two boats near Bangor pier.

The Beaumaris RNLI volunteers received a page at 1:59 am and due to the low temperature had to cope with extremely icy conditions to even reach the boat house.

In the meantime the Bangor Coastguard Rescue Team together with Wales Ambulance and North Wales Police had also been tasked to the incident.

As the lifeboat was being prepared for launch a request was received from the Coastguard to wait onshore as the informant had now changed the location of the incident from Bangor Pier to Port Penrhyn and this with other inconsistencies in his story gave them sufficient reason to suspect that this may be a hoax call.

The volunteers therefore waited at Beaumaris until 2:50 am when it was finally confirmed that this was in fact a hoax. The origin point of the call having been identified it being well inland with no view of the Menai strait.

Fortunately as the lifeboat had not launched no refuelling was required and the volunteers could return to their beds for a few hours before getting up for their paid work later that morning.